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Converging Lines

Converging Lines by www.shuttertrips.com

Skyscrapers in Greece ?
Not quite!
Welcome to the effect of Ultra-Wide Angle lenses.
These buildings are by no mean short, but they're not tall giants any way you look at them.

Diagonal lines, converging or not, moving sparse clouds, repeating patterns, a recipe for an eye-catching contrasty black & white photo.

If you are inspired by such architectural shots, we'll make sure to take you to this and a few more interesting locations before heading out to the Acropolis and our other trip destinations.

Don't just sit on your chair and starre at these photos, come with us and capture them your way!

Join our Shutter Trips ( Photography Trips ) and/or our workshops at www.shuttertrips.com now!

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Ian Robinson's picture

Very cool lines and tones

Bill Peppas's picture

Thank you Ian!

jasem Khlef's picture

well done

Bill Peppas's picture

Thank you very much Jasim!

Michael Lacy's picture

Congrats Bill! Love the contrasts in this image. strong lines vs motion blurred clouds, and light vs dark. Well executed!

Louis Hopgood's picture

Congrats on POTD Bill, well deserved, I love this shot! Usually I try to keep contrast low in these mono fine art architecture shots but this just works perfectly!!

Gerald Macua's picture

Great capture Bill!

Bill Peppas's picture

Thank you very much Gerald!

I can say the same about your gallery ;-)

Keep them nice photos coming!

Gerald Macua's picture

Thank you :)

Michael Hernandez's picture

One of my favorite types of B&W shots....! Thanks for the inspiring photograph.

Bill Peppas's picture

Thank you very much for your kind words Michael!