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Poseiden - God of the Sea

Composite photo of Paul Seroka shot in studio.

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I like the mood and te lighting on his face, but don't like the birds, some similar light on his chest, but less might have been a great kick

Emma, ty for your feedback

Agree with Emma but I would have put him further out into the sea so you see the waves lapping at his chest.

That would have been interesting, but didn't want to go too Mythical or Fantasy like with it!

I can't argue with the God of the Seas about the birds lol.....I appreciate you feedback Emma !!!

Excellent portrait

Ty Leif !!!

Really, really like the meaning and impact in this photo. Perfect eyeline that draws you in.

I suspect it would work just as well - possibly better - in B&W?

Good call Chris and it could have went either way....I put them side by side, the BNW looked STRONG as shit, but the color graded one evoked more emotion for me......

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