It's Not Glitter All That Shines by Isabella Bubola

It's Not Glitter All That Shines

November 13, 2015

Last year I shot one of my favourite photos on my birthday and decided it could become sort of a tradition. I knew I wanted to make a photo with golden glitter I had previously purchased, but couldn't quite figure out what it was I wanted to say with it.

I thought about glitter and the golden colour and what it means to me, but also how it relates to my birthday. We're getting older every day and we keep on changing and I don't perceive change as a bad thing. So I guess that ultimately led me to smudge glitter all over my face and create a straightforward portrait.

It was shot in the middle of a cloudy day on my balcony using only natural light. The funny thing was that there were some works on the water system going on and there was no running water so I spent half of the day completely sparkly!

Canon 600D
50mm · 1/320s · ISO 100
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