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Heaven on Earth

November 13, 2015

Beyond the Everest Base Camp, we have travel through this patch of glacier to meet the legendary Sherpa Elite climbers.
The Ice Fall Doctors.

Along the way the landscape is unreal!

38mm · f/8.0 · 1/80s · ISO 100
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Alex Saharov's picture

Wow! It looks like avalanche of clowds.

Tony Lee's picture

It's truly amazing! I purposely came to Nepal during the mosoon season. I was very lucky to have clouds and weather like this.

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Thank you very much!:)

Andrea Santamaria's picture

wonderful shot! congrats

Tony Lee's picture

Thank you!

That is stunning, well done!

Tony Lee's picture

Thank you very much.

Jeff Goe's picture

Wow amazing work, really love the color combinations. What do you think of my recent landscapes I just added.

Alexander Malyon's picture

gorgeous... :)

Daniel Pryce's picture

This is so rad. Is there anywhere where we could see more pictures from the trip?

Hisham Eissa's picture

Amazing shot!
Could you comment on your post-processing?

Beautiful photo, what lens were you shooting with?