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Rooftop Dreams

Miranda Hedman is the stock model I wanted to really create something with a dreamlike feel so this is what I ended up with after some coffee and watching some anime

Nikon D3100
50mm · f/2.0 · 1/4000s · ISO 100
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robert bates's picture

Awesome job, great tones and contrast. Great looking model. Would be proud to have this in my folio.

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Thank you sir, but this is also stock photos. I do appreciate the compliment on my editing though :D

Dwight Smalls's picture

Outstanding job!

Dave Kavanagh's picture

A truly magical image!!

Rui Bandeira's picture

love it

Anonymous's picture

Honestly one of the coolest photos I've seen in awhile. Saw that you shrugged off the first compliment by saying you used stock, but it still takes unique vision to put this stuff together. Recent I binge watched Attack on Titan and realized just how incredible emulating anime visual styles can make a picture. This is incredible work.

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Thanks man I really appreciate the way you put it :D
I watch a lot of anime and have a large comic collection so all my ideas tend to spawn from them and even poses I couldn't imagine not being inspired by it.

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I get that. What's interesting (and honestly shocking) is how often anime is dismissed as a legitimate art form. While there's always a debate to be had concerning Japanese storytelling devices (the melodramatic flourishes, for instance) there should be none as far as visual aesthetic goes. The poses, the lighting, the angles, are written off without second thought. There are relatively few pictures (yours being one of them) that adequately reflect how phenomenal a photo can be when adhering to the same stylized ideas as anime.