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This place is really far from Bali where I was spending most of my trip. I asked my local friend if we could go there and he said he just needed to find another friend to share the driving and we were off to a long and scary journey, spending many hours of driving among crazy trucks that don't bother if there is a car coming ahead to try to pass the other trucks...having to drive part on the shoulder, having to stop and give money while going through a narrow winding mountain road...I was wondering at one point if I was gonna see mount Bromo after all...
Glad that we made safely there, plus having the fog in the valley lower was just icing on the cake, having to use local toilets, etc made it really for a very memorable trip.
Facing those mountains from 2AM until after sunrise was such an exciting experience, despite the enormous crowd of tourists that joined us later before sunrise, some of them pushing their way through to take an award winning photo with their ipad just in front of your lens and pretending that you don't exist or bother...

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Beautiful! Congrats!

Thank you Michael

2 attaboys...

Great shot.

Thank you!

I's say: it was worth all of it!