Did The Romney Campaign Photoshop This Or Is Someone Just Terrible With Their iPhone?

Did The Romney Campaign Photoshop This Or Is Someone Just Terrible With Their iPhone?

So before anyone thinks I am expressing any political views on Fstoppers, know this, I AM NOT. I came across this yesterday and at first glance I thought, "well look, a politician lying, SURPRISE SURPRISE," but then upon further examination I have decided for myself that this is just someone who shot a terrible panoramic on their iPhone. Maybe Mitt needs to hire someone with a little more photo knowledge to run his Instagram account.

I have attempted shooting panoramas on my phone before, and while sometimes they look beautiful, other times they look like a photoshop fail! I tend to notice the issue when I don't overlap enough and when there are a lot of straight lines running around the photo (such as power lines). So while I would love to find some photoshop failure from a politician and expose them for the world to see, I would have to say that this particular instance is just a situation of an inexperienced phone photographer, doing their best to document Mitt's event. In my opinion it is a pretty clear cut case of user error combined with a bad judgement call to post it. What do you all think? Check out the diagram below found on Buzzfeed.

[Via Buzzfeed]

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To me, this looks like it was a panoramic done with a phone app and it did a pretty bad job. There are panoramic apps that you scan your phone camera across an area and if not done properly, ends up looking like this photo. I don't think anyone was intentionally trying to be deceitful with a very bad photoshopping job.

There's no way anyone who was trying to inflate the size of the gathering would have done that poor of a job. I'm leaning toward a bad panorma app merge as well. 

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sad that anyone would think , "HEY I SHOULD POST THIS" when it looks like that...

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I think you've got too much time on your hands.

obviously there has to be an evil republican involved in this obvious distortion of fact!!! I was at this rally and there were only 50 people attending.   ;)