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Shooting Action With Chris Garrison Using Hypersync

Just the other day a buddy introduced me to hypersync via this video from PocketWizard featuring Chris Garrison. Hypersync is technology in PocketWizard FlexTT5's and MiniTT1's which enables you to sync your camera with big studio strobes at speeds up to 1/8000 with certain setups. PocketWizard has more information on hypersync over at their site. This video is pretty long (over an hour) but Chris walks you through several of his setups as well as talks about how he got his career to where it is now.

How To Color Tone Your Photos With Elena Jasic

If you are a regular reader of Fstoppers, than by now you should be familiar with Elena Jasic and her amazing photography and retouching skills. Elena just posted her tutorial on how to color tone your photos the way she does it. Mind you, there is no one way to do anything in photoshop, but Elena is a master at her craft and offers some very valuable insight for anyone interested in color toning their photos.

How To Dodge & Burn In Photoshop With Elena Jasic

We have featured Elena Jasic on Fstoppers a few times now. Most recently we featured a tutorial from her on how to utilize frequency separation. Elena's newest tutorial is on dodging and burning, and how she goes about doing it in her work flow. Dodging and burning can add dimension to your photos and take them to the next level.

Breaking Out Of A Creative Slump

You know what I think the worst feeling is? Going into a creative slump. I loathe when it happens, but to any of us who are creative by nature and trade, occasionally you go into a slump, a mental block if you will, and creativity is nowhere to be found. I will search high and low for inspiration and still nothing moves me to create and be creative. I think though I have found a way to avoid this now.

Brooks Reynolds Short Film "Footsteps" Is Complete

Last month I posted a little write up and interview with Brooks Reynolds about his latest project, a short film called Footsteps. The short film has been officially released to the internet and is free for anyone to watch. Check out this amazing short, the cinematography and lighting are amazing! Also make sure to watch it full screen with some good speakers or headphones for the best experience!

How I Lit This Fashion Shot

Lighting is one of my favorite things to play with on a shoot. Creative lighting can really give you're photography a large edge over just shooting natural/ambient light. I love using lights, because I am always growing and learning new techniques. This week I will walk you through the relatively simple setup for one of my favorite shots in my portfolio.

Make Yourself A Cheap Distressed Canvas Background

Most cloth backdrops I have found cost between $70 - $100, but today I was turned onto a cheaper alternative. Photographer Elena Jasic posted a tutorial today on her blog on how she made her on distressed canvas background for around $50. The materials can be purchased at local stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart.

VSCO Film 03 Is On Sale Till Tuesday

For anyone who might have missed it, I did a little review of VSCO 3 last week. VSCO Film emulsions are great at emulating an analog film look for your digital photos and also offers custom profiles for your camera manufacturer, if you are shooting Nikon, Canon, or now Fuji (just for Film 03), to further improve performance of the presets.

Brooks Reynolds' New Short Film "Footsteps"

You might remember Brooks Reynolds, we have featured him and his amazing photography on here before. Recently I had a chance to catch up with Brooks and discuss his latest project, Footsteps, a short film based on a story he was introduced to via the internet.

Filmed on a Red Scarlett he used

VSCO Film 03 Emulates Instant Film

I have been a fan of VSCO since their first film preset pack. Both VSCO Film 01 and 02 have a nice way of giving photos a subtle but believable film effect. This week I got the email that VSCO had released Film 03 and I was dying to check it out. It turns out that the effects seen in 03 are not quite as subtle as 01 and 02, because 03 emulates instant films. So I've decided to do a little review with some examples and share it with all of you.

FREE Frequency Separation Action From Elena Jasic

Yesterday I posted a tutorial on frequency separation from Elena Jasic. In case you missed it you should go check it out! Well today she hit me up to tell me she had quite a few questions still regarding the preparation of the layers for frequency separation, so she made a handy little action, and asked me to pass it on to all of you. Who doesn't like free right?!

PocketWizard's New Lunch Box... I Mean Bag.

PocketWizard is to radio transceivers what Kleenex is to tissues. PW's have become the industry standard and the benchmark which all other radio transceivers/transmitter & receiver combos are measured. This week PocketWizard introduced the G-Wiz Vault Storage Solution... What is it? To me it would appear to be the fancy name for a lunch box...

Why I Bought A 4 Year Old Camera

Recently I was chatting in a photo forum and mentioned that I am loving my new Canon 5D MK2. Someone noticed and said, "do you mean the MK3?" When I told them no, I recently bought a new MK2 I got flamed with questions of, "WHY?!?!" Well let me explain...

The Power Of Social Media Got This Guy A Ride With Ken Block

I have been following Taylor Morris' story since the beginning. We share a mutual close friend, and because of that I was quickly exposed to the story of a Navy EOD tech who lost all of his limbs in Afghanistan. His story has been nothing short of inspiring and motivational, but furthermore he has had the help and support of a few amazing videographers and photographers to help spread his story.

Richard Johnson's Imagination Series Will Stir Your Imagination

I first came across Richard Johnson's work in a group I belong to on Facebook called CREATIVOS. I have watched his Imagination series grow and grow over the last month or two, and his post processing really is quite unique. Richard is a 30 year old graphic and motion graphics designer, residing in Orlando FL. I have said it before, and I will say it again, but I believe that shooting personal work is a great way to grow as a photographer. I asked Richard some questions about himself and his series for the readers of Fstoppers.

8 Hours In Brooklyn With A Phantom Flex

There is no denying that super slow motion looks awesome. I would love to get my hands on a Phantom Flex for a day or two and just shoot video of what would normally seem like the most mundane things, just to watch them slowed down to a speed where the eye can discern all the little details and nuances of what is happening. The team at Variable shot 8 Hours In Brooklyn using a Phantom Flex, and it is meant to serve as a visual case study of various aspects of daily life in Brooklyn.

Dolby's Behind The Scenes Of The Snowboard Film The Art Of Flight

As I am writing this I am trying to fall asleep. I am supposed to be up in 4 hours to head off on a little snowboard adventure with some friends. Instead of sleeping though I am sitting around watching snowboard videos, smart move right? Anyway a buddy told me to check out this movie called The Art Of Flight on Netflix, and I can tell you this much, it doesn't disappoint. The cinematography is gorgeous, but they took it a step further, and really worked with the sound to make it a totally immersing experience. Check out this BTS on how they used Dolby 7.1 to enhance the sound of the film...

Using Flash To Fake A Sunset

Every morning I wake up and walk out to my living room. I sit down on the couch and bask in the sunlight coming through my sliding glass doors. I love how the light cutting through the vertical blinds creates a pattern of lines going across my living room. I have often thought how cool it would be to shoot a photo with the light like that, but at sunset when the light is real golden. The only problem? I can't shoot a sunset like that because my door opens on the eastern side of the house...

Terminator 2 T-1000 Special Effects BTS

When I was a kid (and still now) I loved Terminator 2. The special effects at the time were the best we had seen yet. The way the T-1000 morphed in and out of liquid metal blew my mind. Now days it would probably be done 100% with CGI, but when this movie was made CGI was still in it's infancy and they had to use a lot of puppetry. T2 had a lot of CGI firsts though, including being the first movie to have realistic human movements on a CGI character, the first use of a PC to create major movie 3D effects, and many other firsts. Check out this BTS video on how they made some of the molds...