Shooting Action With Chris Garrison Using Hypersync

Just the other day a buddy introduced me to hypersync via this video from PocketWizard featuring Chris Garrison. Hypersync is technology in PocketWizard FlexTT5's and MiniTT1's which enables you to sync your camera with big studio strobes at speeds up to 1/8000 with certain setups. PocketWizard has more information on hypersync over at their site. This video is pretty long (over an hour) but Chris walks you through several of his setups as well as talks about how he got his career to where it is now.

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There's also a hack my d800 I use pw3, I bought a tt5 and could only get clean to 1/650th by putting the tt5 set up on the d800 but tt5 at factory settin and put the pw3 on syncs to1/8000th cleanly rather. So cheaper than a full tt5 set up

Inspiring, but i don't get it. How is it possible how, can you shoot with flash and don't get those black borders at 1/8000 ?

Other question: what brand are those flags?

The flags are westcott

What?! Did you even read the paragraph???

Did you watch the video?

Even cheaper if you hook up a normal PW+II to a TTL flash (like SB-800) and set it to FP mode.

never managed to get above 1/250th with that configruation. If you can help, I will take it!

And it would take about ten SB's to get the power of one of the studio strobes needed for doing some of this. So it ends up being more expensive.

Why not use a system that supports leaf shutters?

Thank you for this, I didn't know that PocketWizard had this HyperSync. Just changed my life! Cheers!

This is not a big deal. You can get the same thing with Mirrors, or hot lights.