PocketWizard's New Lunch Box... I Mean Bag.

PocketWizard's New Lunch Box... I Mean Bag.

PocketWizard is to radio transceivers what Kleenex is to tissues. PW's have become the industry standard and the benchmark which all other radio transceivers/transmitter & receiver combos are measured. This week PocketWizard introduced the G-Wiz Vault Storage Solution... What is it? To me it would appear to be the fancy name for a lunch box...

Now don't get me wrong, I love bags. I find a new camera bag that has a cool little feature and I lust after it... Not sure why, but I have always been this way. When I was a kid I loved getting new back packs for school every year. So when I heard PocketWizard was making a bag I got all warm and excited inside... Then I saw it.


Look PocketWizard, I commend you for the effort, but you aren't fooling anyone. This "Vault Storage Solution," looks like it would also be handy at keeping my sandwich and juice box cold. I was half surprised it didn't come with a thermos... I honestly cannot see the point to this little bag, and maybe I am missing it, but why would I buy this bag to hold my PocketWizards when I already have a storage solution for them in one of my many camera bags that I purposely bought to hold ALL of my gear? I guess if I was packing light and I wanted a little protection for my camera body in my suitcase, this little bag could work out, but otherwise... I don't know. What do you guys think? Would this come in handy for you or have you already got a method for storing your PocketWizards (or other radio transmitter devices)?

Read more about the G-Wiz Vault on the PocketWizard Blog

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malia's picture

Yeah, this seems like one of those "Free gift with purchase" items.  I'd never put money down for one of these.

Wow, that's nice and ugly! Great job, Pocket Wizard!

I'd use one to bury the piece of shit Pocket Mini's.

I'm just glad that they don't cost 159.99 because it can hold photography gear.  I actually might buy one of these for myself as a nerdy lunchbox.

I have to say I enjoyed the pocket wizard for a while, but now with the advent of the 600 RT Canon flash, I have no use for them. I'm not usually the guy to post a negative comment, but I think it's arguable that the new Canon system is more affordable. (unless you already own a gripload of speedlites)

I don't use PocketWizards as they are too expensive. I use Phottix system. Currently I have 2 transcivers? (you put them on camera) and 4 triggers for all my speedlights. Add cable for each one of them and that is a lot of small stuff you need to find space for in your bag. otherwise it gets in the way and you can lose something easily (lost 2 cables already).

Bag like this is good idea, but should be distributed as a free gift with purchase of 2 or more triggers? Orpriced very cheap. Currently I use a little pouch that came with my Lowepro bag and it is just fine. I wouldn't buy bag like this, unless it was sold for something like $25/£18 or so. Little pouch for all the small accessories. 

Todd Elliott's picture

Free gift?  cool.  Use on the regular... Nah.  I'm a lowepro guy.  Besides, I'd rather my bags be discrete without logos.  I absolutely LIVE by pocket wizard triggers but can't have the bag hanging from my utility belt.  I hope they sell a lot though.  Their product are ROCK solid!  I recently had a 580exii mounted on my PW TT5 fall 2 stories over a balcony down to concrete and guess what had to go into the shop....  ONLY the flash.  

Rochester NY wedding photographer

I always thought a cool bag would have removable mini bags like these.  If there were a larger bag these attached into I think it would be something to consider. 

I look at the $2000 stack of TT5'S and the only thought that comes to mind is that the bright orange bag labeled "pocket wizard" totally wouldn't stand out and get stolen almost immediately.

Dan Lubbers's picture

It does seem a bit cheesy and I do love Pocketwizard products, but I'm going to stick with my Fstop Gear and ThinkTank bags. 

What the hell is the matter with you people - having spent a couple of months trying to find decent bags and storage solutions for field work - these looks great_  they are   padded and have dividers (it works), it's coloured (so you can remember thats the bag with the PWs in it) it's compact and there are no superfluous bullshit wingdings that only take up space - get real, these are for photography kit - are there any photographers even reading this =D. Next...

Jason Peters's picture

Hell yeah! I dig it. As an assistant I am constantly bringing wizards on set just in case and I've found a few bags that do the job but not as well or as simply as this nifty little bag.

Andrew Hughes's picture

Yes. I would get these or something like them if the price was decent. I am using makeshift bags and boxes and yes, even soft lunchboxes to store gear. The fact that it comes in a color other than just black is a bonus. Don't tell me that you have not been able to find black gear in dark places. It's not fun. 

I am not sure exactly what the haters wanted in this.. it stores stuff... that is it.

Creativity should not just be with your photography.


Keith Hammond's picture

i've been using small cooler bags for ages inside my large camera bags for my PW's / cables and now use one for my video mics / leads keeps everything together and with a bit of protection

@mfmg So you use no other lighting?  Just speedlites?

I often imagine who buy these bags, you can get an equivalent bag on ebay for about 5 bucks including shipping. I am always baffled by the cost of photography accessories.