Brooks Reynolds Short Film "Footsteps" Is Complete

Last month I posted a little write up and interview with Brooks Reynolds about his latest project, a short film called Footsteps. The short film has been officially released to the internet and is free for anyone to watch. Check out this amazing short, the cinematography and lighting are amazing! Also make sure to watch it full screen with some good speakers or headphones for the best experience!

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WOW. That was really well done. Thanks for sharing.

Great short film! So well executed and the photography it´s amazing. Also the acting was pretty convincing: I think should be out in short film fests circuits. congrats!

Sean Shimmel's picture

Excellently atmospheric. Taut pacing. The mom seemed a bit clueless but maybe that's part of her plight as an overwhelmed single-mom

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It looks great, but why is it so wide? I don't think I've ever seen anything with an aspect ratio like this? Don't aspherical anamorphic lenses usually give you 2:39:1?

Excellent work!

I thought it was fairly well shot, although nothing special. I felt like the aspect ratio was just a heavily cropped image, which meant the parts of the scene were missing instead of extra space added either side. Maybe this was the desired affect to make the viewer feel claustrophobic although it just made me think it was a gimmick.
The acting was really pretty bad, I hate to say it but it let it down somewhat, its by far not the worst I've seen by any means but not up to spec as to what I would expect.

The score was decent however and did keep the pace going as was the lighting, perhaps this was the best part of the piece.

I really like the lighting and the cinematography, however i do agree on the acting part. Its so well done, i just wish the acting was at the same level.

great cinematography and lightning .but hated the wide aspect ratio..and the story goes nowhere..felt let down at the end..

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anyone know what camera's this was shot on? RED? cs100 ? 5dMark? / great cinematography and lighting ;)