Wes Anderson Announces New Stop Motion Film, 'Isle of Dogs'

You fall into one of two camps when it comes to Wes Anderson films. You either absolutely love his stylistic, quirky work, or you don't. And while those of you who fall into the latter of the two are entitled to your wrong (very wrong) opinion, we should all be excited about his latest film announced today, "Isle of Dogs."

Seriously, if you didn't watch "Fantastic Mr. Fox," I'm going to need you to stop reading immediately and go purchase or at least rent it. It's fantastic! Anderson's films easily stand out in the Hollywood scene by how he sticks true to his style he's created over the years as well as many different editing nuances throughout his films. I personally consider his films to be "art films," and I think it's amazing they are blockbusters. And obviously, this announcement is just him talking to the camera, but this is how you know he has made it, because with that two second "sneak preview" he shows us, every one of his fans is freaking out. I was watching this in the office, and David Strauss was over my should and said: "Wow, he's just like how his movies are," which I feel is a super-high compliment. 

"Isle of Dogs" is currently filming in England, and as he said in the video, you can enter to win a chance to voice one of the characters. The money goes to a really cool cause, The Film Foundation. The organization has restored over 700 films and has a free curriculum to help teach young people the importance of film history. I mean seriously, how can you not be excited about this film!? I'm really looking forward to seeing more of the stop motion and can only imagine it will be bigger and better than the beloved "Fantastic Mr. Fox. "

So tell me, which camp are you in? 

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The camp where his editing is very good, and he has stuck with his style, but his films are beyond boring. You would have to convince me to be in either of two camps, that the dialog is either badly written and rambles for far too long, or Bill Murray is not that great of an actor. I'll leave it to those of you who fall into the latter of the two are entitled to your wrong (very wrong) opinion.

Oh well...go watch dc or marvel shit then..

Gabe S, HOW DARE YOU insult the wonderful Mr. Murray!!! :P I love him!
I really appreciate his scripts, because they are sometimes a bit long! I think it's a nod to "older" filmmaking; before the time of six second attention spans. But hey, what are opinions!
And Dragan, ha! I guess it must be a thing, if you like Anderson's films, you probably don't like the DC/Marvel franchises!! I sure don't!

Thanks both for your insights :)

Exactly, it feels insulting to Murray to put him in those movies when his talent seems under used.