The Power Of Social Media Got This Guy A Ride With Ken Block

I have been following Taylor Morris' story since the beginning. We share a mutual close friend, and because of that I was quickly exposed to the story of a Navy EOD tech who lost all of his limbs in Afghanistan. His story has been nothing short of inspiring and motivational, but furthermore he has had the help and support of a few amazing videographers and photographers to help spread his story.

On New Years Eve, my friend Ben Hagarty and his buddy Tim Dodd released this video of Taylor, with an ultimate goal of getting Taylor in the passenger seat of the car of the infamous Ken Block. Don't know who Ken Block is? Well you have been sleeping under a rock, and not reading Fstoppers enough, if you haven't seen Ken Block's Gymkhana 5. Thanks to the power of social media and a cool video, Taylor is getting his wish. Mr. Block reached out to Taylor after being shown the video, and will be taking Taylor for a ride in February.

The point I am trying to make with this is that for those of you who naysay social media, in all it's forms, as a viable way of promoting yourself, should think again. With the right amount of creativity and drive, you can catch the eye of anyone, whether it be someone you idolize or that next potential client.

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Christopher Hoffmann's picture

Agree completely! Respect!

Ralph Hightower's picture

Awesome driffting in a ... Toyota

still looking for a toyota in the video...

Mazda 6, I believe!

Amazing, I remember seeing the photos of his arrival on the chive. It was amazing! Congrats on reaching Ken.