How To Color Tone Your Photos With Elena Jasic

If you are a regular reader of Fstoppers, than by now you should be familiar with Elena Jasic and her amazing photography and retouching skills. Elena just posted her tutorial on how to color tone your photos the way she does it. Mind you, there is no one way to do anything in photoshop, but Elena is a master at her craft and offers some very valuable insight for anyone interested in color toning their photos.


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Nice. I wonder why she uses fill instead of opacity most of the time

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Thanks a lot (I love phlearn).
Even though I think in the case of this tutorial, the use of opacity or fill creates exactly the same effect. Thanks again for the video :)

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This is an AWESOME technique! They never taught us the use of selective colour and the black and white adjustment layers at the College I went to. Selective colour was always the "BAD!!!" adjustment layer, and the b/w one was just not the tool to do your blacks and whites (I have other adjustment layer preferences personally), so these were generally ignored. Thank you! <3

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This post was gold for me!
Here is my results:
And a before and after:

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Wonderful tutorial, very well explained and easy to follow. I'll bookmark this and refer to it in my next batch of editing. Many thanks!