Terminator 2 T-1000 Special Effects BTS

When I was a kid (and still now) I loved Terminator 2. The special effects at the time were the best we had seen yet. The way the T-1000 morphed in and out of liquid metal blew my mind. Now days it would probably be done 100% with CGI, but when this movie was made CGI was still in it's infancy and they had to use a lot of puppetry. T2 had a lot of CGI firsts though, including being the first movie to have realistic human movements on a CGI character, the first use of a PC to create major movie 3D effects, and many other firsts. Check out this BTS video on how they made some of the molds and puppets for T2.

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Greatest film ever....

Patrick Hall's picture

I had no idea Vincent Laforet worked on T2!

I always wondered why the "CGI" in this movie looked more realistic than CGI today and this is why... it wasn't computer generated. 

This! I realized how much it held the test of time the other day, impressive. 

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This is clearly the best BTS you guys have posted..... WOW!!!!! Clearly one of my fav movies of all time 

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Blocked T_T