Photo of Baby Grabbing Doctor's Finger During C-Section Goes Viral

Photo of Baby Grabbing Doctor's Finger During C-Section Goes Viral

An Arizona doctor was surprised while performing a routine C-section when the baby reached up and grabbed his finger. The moment was captured by the baby's father Randy and the couple originally kept the photo secret thinking it would not be received well by others. The mom, Alicia who happens to be a photographer in Glendale, Arizona decided to release the photo on December 26th on her Facebook page. Since then the image has received 9,000 likes, over 5,000 shares and her number of fans on her page has grown tremendously.

This reminds me of a couple past situations where photographers have garnered huge attention because of a particular photo they shared or blog post they wrote that went viral. The ones that specifically come to mind are the one of the man in the water with his arthritic dog Schoep or the photographer that wrote the blog post about not wanting to shoot ugly people. I guess the moral of the story is that during 2013 we should all be looking for amazing images and stories to share with the world that can go viral and thereby get us attention for our businesses. I am super excited to see how Alicia, owner of A Classic Pinup Photography in Arizona, is able to capitalize on all the attention this photo of her baby is receiving. In Alicia's own words, "I am in awe of this photo. Something to remember forever."

Have you had a photo go viral? If so, tell us about it in the comments below.

Image Copyright: A Classic Pin-Up Photography

Photographer: Randy Atkins

[Via NY Daily News]

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This was taken in 2012? I thought this was an older photo... 

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Either this photo is taken a lot earlier then 2012 or it is taken about the same angle as similar image that has been viral for some time ago.