[Pics] Mysterious Images Of Models Floating In The Air

Upon first seeing Fine Art Photographer, Diana Lemieux's work, I immediately thought etherealness, mysticism and sexuality. Most recently featured on Vogue Italia, Diana uses illusion to create mystery in this series of images below. To see more of her work, check out her flickr page.

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I am no professional photographer or anything but last summer I shot this photo of an actor falling. http://www.flickr.com/photos/philhoyt/6135895041/

No intention of being rude or anything but these pictures are extremely ordinary... Nothing special, I've seen pictures like this hundreds if not thousands of times...

thanks for your not so humble opinion, Ghislain. but if they wanted to feature my work, so be it.

Sorry Ghislain, before writing you can see again your pictures and after that you'll float a little bit like this girls in the pictures... congrats Diana.

I find the pictures unpretentious, real and beautiful.

favorite is the first one with the blue dress. lovely

Diana's work is wonderful and beautiful. No, she wasn't the first person to ever do a levitation shot, but neither were any of you. And I can guarantee any photographs taken by the ignorant people commenting on this are not extremely "original" either. We all create art for ourselves, to express something, to show the world what we see. Where is leaving negative comments on someone's feature going to get you? You don't even know this woman, and being so negative is going to get you nowhere in this world.

Artists are supposed to support and love one another, not belittle each other and claim that their work has been done many times before. Everyone has taken a portrait of a pretty girl, or tried a levitation shot, or taken a picture of a flower, whatever it is, it's all been done in some way before, I am sure. But the creativity that we each put in to each piece is what makes it original and our own. 
And Ghislain, if I'm not mistaken, after looking at some of your work, one could say your images have been done 'hundreds if not thousands of times before' as well. So spin some of those judgmental comments back in your own direction.Diana you are a beautiful artist.