Shooting Explosions With World Champion Stunt Rider Mike Jensen

Never one for a low-key project, the photographer behind the skydiving photoshoot, Jesper Grønnemark, has released a video demonstrating how he used controlled explosions for a recent shoot with world champion Stunt Rider Mike Jensen.

Grønnemark enlisted a team of professionals to oversee the explosions, using the fireballs as part of the backdrop for the photos with Jensen. The team faced a series of obstacles, not least of which was windy weather. The team was forced to source the right spot to shoot the pictures, in order to ensure the safety of Jensen. The shoot location was also in a gravel pit, putting Jensen out of his comfort zone, since stunt riders ordinarily ride on asphalt.

Shooting using the new Sony a7R III and Profoto lights, Grønnemark let off a series of explosions behind Jensen, before also shooting with a ring of fire around him, and using smoke grenades while Jensen performed stunts. “With a 1/1,000 of a second to catch, not only Mike in the right position, but also the explosion at its peak, timing is of the essence,” Grønnemark said

Check out the video to see the team talk through the project, and see more of Gronnemark’s work on his website.

Images used with permission.

[via Kasper Sveistrup]

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Christian Berens's picture

great BTS and i love the gritty processing for this type of shoot!

Gabrielle Colton's picture

This is awesome, Love the colors and angles of all these