Stunning Photographs Of A Human Tower Competition

Stunning Photographs Of A Human Tower Competition

David Oliete has shot some amazing photos at the Concurs de Castells, a biannual human castle building competition held in Tarragona, Spain.

Oliete's position, along with the colorfully adorned participants make for a unique perspective of the event. The photographs showcase some of the astonishing feats of human determination that goes into building the human towers. Teams have build towers that can reach up to nine and ten stories high during the events.

You can see more of David Oliete's work from the Concurs de Castells here.


The sky of human towersDavid_Oliete003David_Oliete001 David_Oliete005David_Oliete004 David_Oliete007


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one word...Wow.

amazing. Reminds me of the new Brad Pitt zombie movie -

this may just be the goal after all. lol