These Light Paintings Called Refractographs Look Like CG Images Of The Universe

When I saw this series of photos from Rob Turney, I dismissed them as photographs because they looked computer generated. It turned out that I was completely wrong when I read the description of how they were made. They were beyond brilliant. What's even better is the 'how to' video Rob pointed me toward.

We're gracious Rob has allowed us to share some of his work along with a behind the scenes video on how we can all make these beautiful pieces of art with our camera. My favorite part about this is the artistic element that goes into making these. The possibilities are endless on the results we each get.

Be sure to check out Rob's website for more of the images.

Instead of describing the process, check out the 'how to' video Rob made.


[Via Light Painting Photography via Rob Turney]

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Zach Sutton's picture

Didn't you, me, and Tam make a bunch of these last night?

Trevor Dayley's picture

This is awesome and his tutorial video is super well done.

rob turney's picture

thanks Trevor.. I am glad you liked it.

jeff hanson's picture

agreed! tells the viewer everything the need to know without clutter and
useless info to take up time and strain one's concentration.

Eric Duminil's picture


Brian Bray's picture

Beautiful images Rob!

Andrew Sible's picture

beautiful, thanks for the tutorial!

Here's a link to one of the image I managed to create, others are nearby in my gallery. Thanks again for sharing an amazing form of photography I had no idea about!