The X100 Collective: 9 International Photographers and Their Visual Stories

The X100 Collective: 9 International Photographers and Their Visual Stories

Patrice Michellon is a freelance photographer from Paris, France who refers to himself as a passionate pixel breeder. He gave up on clunky DSLR cameras and heavy lenses after health issues and back surgeries back in 2013 / 2014, but he found new desire within Fujifilm’s new x-series of mirrorless cameras. He specifically fell in love with the new x100T which became the main concept for the X100 Collective: one camera and a fixed lens. That's it.

Michellon admited that the number 9 didn't hold any real significance in regards to the collective he built. He mainly wanted to select a group of photographers with different skills and backgrounds and he was able to get Nicolas Cazard also from Paris, Benjamin Nwaneampeh from London, V. Opoku also from London, Bradley Hanson from Minneapolis / Seattle, Carlos Agrazal from Panama City, Iain Anderson from Melbourne, Sofia Verzbolovskis from New York City, and Ben Cherry from Warwick all on board. These diverse photographers form the collective and share their visual stories there.

Michellon told me it's hard to believe that all those talented photographers wanted to become part of the collective because they’re all so amazing at what they do. He mentioned to me the old saying, “If you find out you're the best in a room, change rooms,” but added, “Let me tell you this, with those guys in the collective, I feel like I'll be staying in that room for a while!”

Michellon explained the next steps are to work on a monthly theme where each photographer will share his view in 11 photographs culminating in a group effort of 99 images; to add a rotating guest photographer (what he called the “invisible 10th” member) who can publish an essay with her x100 series camera; and to develop the site as a place for x-series owners to learn, create, and share together.

If you're interested in learning more, be sure to visit the X100 Collective and maybe you’ll be able to share your vision with the world as one of their 10th members.

All images used with permission.

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Grant Beachy's picture

Very cool. The original x100 was my first camera, and I have a soft spot for the series. Mine goes with me almost everywhere.

Aaron Brown's picture

I have the x100s and absolutely love it. Cheers Grant!

Sean Shimmel's picture

While not pretending to be a Fuji shooter (rather, Nikon) nor in any way a part of their excellent collective, I admire stories and thoughtful reflection within visuals. Here's a peek behind the curtain of my own recent imagery.

PS. I prefer "clunky DSLR's"

gazawe jalal's picture

Vary gooood
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