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The Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be a Wedding Photographer

You read that right: shouldn't. Wedding photography is a field that many photographers work within at least once or twice in their budding careers. Is it for you, though? Do you have what it takes? Even some of the most seasoned professional wedding photographers have thrown in the towel and moved on to other forms of work. Why is this, you inquire? I asked several of my colleagues – wedding photographers and other professional shutterbugs alike – their thoughts on why they think shooting weddings for a living sucks. These are the top five responses I received.

Help Your Photography Business Succeed by Collaborating With Other Professionals

If you’re just an average photographer like me, you’re going to have to do a lot more to succeed in the photography world than taking more workshops and attending more conferences. The true artists and creative geniuses of the photography world already have one up on you – raw talent. So what can the average Joes like you and I do to even begin to compete? Collaborate.
Filmmaker Matt Mangham Is Back Sharing His Love for Film - Analog Episode 2

Film fanatics rejoice because filmmaker Matt Mangham is back with the second installment of Analog, a personal series he put together to find and tell stories which explore the current state of film photography. You can find the first episode here on Fstoppers. In this episode, we get to follow fashion and action sports photographer Julian Martin as he locks and loads his Leica Minilux and heads out with a model along the California shore.

Behind the Scenes on a Bentley Motors Film Shot with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Austin Reza is back at it with Bentley Motors for the second in the Intelligent Details series titled, “The Bespoke Driving Jacket.” We previously wrote about him last year in this article. This time he's back utilizing the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cameras, and along with an assortment of professional lighting equipment and rigs, Reza has created another exceptional looking piece of film.

Photographer Ty Foster Tugs at Our Heart Strings in 'Timeout' a Series of Dogs in 'Cones of Shame'

Most dog or cat owners have had to use an Elizabethan collar at one point or another with their pet. “It’s a necessary and beneficial part of the healing process, but to them it’s like being put in timeout,” photographer Ty Foster explained. In this photo series of his, he visually expressed the emotional hardships that our animal brethren have to endure while wearing what he refers to as “the cone of shame.” In the series, Foster goes out of his way to show the trials and tribulations that come along with wearing this shameful collar.

Cinematographer Eve Hazelton Explains the Five Pillars of Exposure

Photographers and filmmakers alike need to understand the basics of controlling the exposure of an image. It’s one of the foundations of their crafts. Cinematographer Eve Hazelton does a wonderful job of explaining the five ways to expose an image in this short video where she also details the unique creative side effects that come along with each method. Newbies and seasoned professionals will both enjoy this simple and straightforward, yet inspired visual tutorial.

The Skyglow Project - Why Our Starry Nights Have Disappeared

If you haven’t seen the stars in the sky in some time, you’re not alone. Thanks to the ever growing amount of light pollution in populated cities’ celestial domes, the heavens above us are becoming harder and harder to see. The Skyglow project aims to, forgive the pun, shed light on the subject. Filmmakers Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic shot this short film throughout Los Angeles – imagining the majestic universe just above.

Filmmaker Thomas Tepstad Berge's Timelapse Will Mesmerize You with the Beauty of the Norwegian West Coast

Civil Engineer, Thomas Berge, is a hobbyist filmmaker from just outside of Stavanger, Norway. He has carefully edited together a ridiculously gorgeous combination of timelapses and hyperlapses of the west coast over the last three years that will have you calling your travel agent to book a flight out his way. It’s a five minute feast for your eyes that you don’t want to miss.

Analog Episode One - Lifestyle Photographer Brooks Sterling Explains His Passion for Film on a Surf Shoot

Matt Mangham, the director of photography over at fortyonetwenty – a San Diego production company – has recently created a personal photography series titled Analog where he finds and tells stories that explore the current state of film photography. Episode one of the series follows Southern California lifestyle photographer Brooks Sterling as he heads out to a surf shoot with his trusty Nikonos underwater camera.

Mirrored - a Photographic Dialogue Between Sydney and Istanbul

Markus Andersen is back at it again on the streets of Sydney, Australia… but this time he has teamed up with fellow street photographer Elif Suyabatmaz of Istanbul, Turkey. The pair of photographers has just wrapped up a three year long project titled Mirrored where they responded to one another’s images by presenting a similar viewpoint from their respective nations. The final collection echoes the differences and similarities within the Australian and Turkish cultures through the mirrored interpretations each photographer presents.

The X100 Collective: 9 International Photographers and Their Visual Stories

Patrice Michellon is a freelance photographer from Paris, France who refers to himself as a passionate pixel breeder. He gave up on clunky DSLR cameras and heavy lenses after health issues and back surgeries back in 2013 / 2014, but he found new desire within Fujifilm’s new x-series of mirrorless cameras. He specifically fell in love with the new x100T which became the main concept for the X100 Collective: one camera and a fixed lens. That's it.

Chris Miele Photographs Beautiful Futuristic Buildings in Detroit, Not the Typical Urbex Ruins

I’m a fan of Detroit. I love its history, its people, and the current fight within the city to bring it back to its former glory. There’s a movement going on in Detroit that’s often left out of the typical conversation. There’s an art scene. There’s music. There’s life. Chris Miele captured one specific part of Detroit that has become convenient to forget about in a time now popular for abandoned building urbexing. He’s an outdoor photographer who focused on the good still left in the city of Detroit, Michigan. Shying away from the usual "rubble porn", Miele showcases the awesome structures within a city's futuristic past.

Alexis Cuarezma Explains How He Photographed IFBB Bikini Professional Athlete Ashley Pfaff

Alexis Cuarezma is back again sharing the "hows" and "whys" behind one of his latest shoots: fitness portraits of IFBB bikini professional Ashley Pfaff. He has graciously included a very in-depth video where he explains how he set out to accomplish these shots, and he also provided his mood board, gear list, and lighting diagrams along with extensive commentary on the "whys" and "hows" of it all. You absolutely don't want to miss any of what he has to say! Start with the video and then dive in below!

Aaron Eveland's Hawaiian Sunsets - Based on 'The Endless Summer' - Will Have You Booking an Immediate Flight to Hawaii

Aaron Eveland, the videographer of the wedding duo in Hawaii known as Makai Creative, set out to recreate the classic look of The Endless Summer movie poster – gigantic sunsets behind surfers on the beach – and that he did with the help of a Canon 800mm f/5.6 lens, a 2x Extender, and a lot of trial and error. It’s all worth it as you can see in his short film, Sunchasers.

First and Foremost I Am: Sigga Ella’s Thought Provoking Photography Series of People with Down Syndrome

Sigga Ella is a photographer from Reykjavík, Iceland whose recent photo series looks to shed light on the ethical questions of where we are headed as a society with today’s ability to choose who is born based on prenatal testing for genetic disorders such as Down syndrome. She chose twenty-one people from ages 9 months to 60 years, both male and female, to show that they are more than a 21st chromosome anomaly – they’re people.

Into the Belly of the Beast: Rob Norton's Gorgeous Documentary on Australian Photographer Markus Andersen Will Bring out the Street Photographer in You

Rob Norton crafted a compelling short film that allows the viewer inside street photographer Markus Andersen's art. Through Markus’ narration, behind the scenes glimpses, and many stunning examples of Andersen’s photographs, Norton added the perfect music and edited together a clever and engaging sequence that showcases the creativity and passion of a genre of photography that often gets sullied by today’s accessibility to modern technology.
5 Photography Books That You Need to Read Right Now!

Whether you’re brand new to photography, a seasoned veteran, or somewhere in-between, learning and re-learning the ins and outs of your craft is an essential part of the continuing education that comes along with being a photographer. If you’re a professional who makes a living on taking photos, then this is even more vital. Here are the most influential authors of the past 10 years who have helped me to understand everything from light itself through setting up my own office / studio.

Sven Dreesbach's Short Film 'Willow Creek' Is a Haunting Cinematic Surf Video - Shot on an iPhone 5s

Willow Creek is what Sven Dreesbach calls a “proof of concept and workflow” for an eventual surf film he’d like to make – but, as it stands, it’s a short film that achieves a lot in its own right. Shot with an iPhone 5s and color-graded using Davinci Resolve, Dreesbach produced a very moving piece of cinema that has an erie but mystical vibe to it - thanks in part to the Ry X track Shortline accompanying the film. Sven was gracious enough to talk with Fstoppers a bit about the hows and whys behind crafting this stunning short film.