5 Beginner Tips for Photographing Models

The first time you photograph a model can be extremely daunting. Here are five tips to help you make sure that the first shoot is a success and you and the model get the most out of it.

It seems so long ago now, but I can still remember that I found my first shoot with a model to be really intimidating. I've been lucky with the subjects I've photographed and I've had no one awkward or difficult, but when I had little to no experience, I was worried about so many more things than how the model would be. There are some great tips in this video that can help you to feel more prepared and organized going into your first shoot with a model.

The tip I would put the most emphasis on treads on Miguel Quiles' toes a little, but it's slightly different: respect for the model. Unfortunately, the photographer and model relationship is not always easy; there are photographers who are unprofessional and make models uncomfortable, and there are models who put a strain on the dynamic too. Nevertheless, you ought to try your best to give the model the most communication and respect you can. Ask how they're feeling, if they're too cold or hot, and if they need a break. If they need to change outfits, give them space and privacy. When a model and a photographer are comfortable in each other's company, the results will see the benefit.

What was your biggest fear when arranging your first photoshoot with a model?

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Gregory Urbano's picture

I was a long time hobbyist landscape photographer until getting furloughed last year and making the decision to push myself out of my comfort zone. Choosing the right model, being honest about it being my very first shoot was critical. I had zero confidence with the flash (never used before). It all ended up working out ok and I give 100% of the credit to the model. One year later and I am still learning but had one of the best shoots ever yesterday in a pin up shoot, and the model again was critical to my success.

Przemek Lodej's picture

First and foremost smile a lot and don't be creepy. It should be fun not uncomfortable.