Five Quick Tips to Improve Your Portraits of People

Are you in a creative rut in photography and need inspiration on how to improve your images, particularly your portraits of people? This video offers five suggestions on how to improve your photos immediately.

Every photographer eventually becomes discontent with their work. If you allow it to, discontentment can produce considerable opportunities to learn new skills and grow as a photographer. If this is where you find yourself, this video from Craig Beckta is worth viewing. In his tutorial, Beckta shares five simple adjustments that you can make that will have an instant impact on your images.

While these tips will be most beneficial to beginning photographers, there are several great reminders throughout the video. His first two tips involve controlling the light, whether through off-camera flash or by using a reflector. This might seem simple enough, but if either technique is new to you, Beckta does an excellent job of explaining why this is important and how to do it well. The last three tips involve changing up your posing, controlling the background, and using your camera’s histogram to control the exposure of your image.

All five tips are beneficial, especially if you are new to photographing people. If you still consider yourself a beginner in photography and are looking to improve, you should definitely watch the video above.

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Nick Collura's picture

Nice exposures, but the broad lighting and short lighting examples are reversed.

Lou Bragg's picture

It would be a huge challenge not to take great photos of that hot chik, regardless of the lights ...

Jacques Cornell's picture

Based on the prevailing approach of most "portrait" tutorials, I'd boil it down to just two tips:
1. Select an attractive young female model.
2. Have her take off as much of her clothing as possible.
All the stuff about lighting and composition is just a fig leaf covering click bait.
Show me a tutorial that features ordinary-looking, non-exhibitionist subjects and I'll watch it, because those are the folks for whom I make corporate headshots.
Really, folks, there's more to portraiture than soft porn.

Mark Richardson's picture

Thank you for saying that. I wish something other than soft porn portraiture got attention on social media.

majid gharamohamadi's picture

one thing that is very important and has not said, is ND filter. the photographer has used ND filter.