Three Simple Tips to Step Up Your Self Portrait Game

As a photographer, many of us like to like to stay behind the camera and not get in front of the camera to have our own photos taken. We may not be experts when it comes to setting up a shoot to take some self-portraits. Need some tips how to set up that selfie game? 

Coming from a collaboration with Sorelle Amore on Mango Street's channel, they pair up to share three simple tips that can help you improve those self-portraits and take them to the next level. 

Having trouble finding your own models, want to test out some new gear, or even some new and tips for shooting portraits, why not use yourself? It's mentioned in the video that no one has to see this and it's a great way to test things out before getting a model or client. This is what I was thinking of while watching this video. In either case, as a photographer, we should all have a portrait of our selves, especially for those who have a website. There's no excuse to not have a photo on your about page, use these tips to take your next one. 

What are some other tips to take better self-portraits? Which tip spoke to you the most? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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Rob Davis's picture

Is anyone not sick of Sorelle Amore yet?

I would rather be happy for people who can find success in what they enjoy doing.

Rob Davis's picture

The majority of these social media personalities aren't terribly successful. They just play successful people on YouTube.

Jon Kellett's picture

Will somebody please tell Daniel how to tie a tie - The knot is way too tight and dude, center your damn tie! :-)

Oh, comment on the content rather than the ad? I'm still trying to decide if I like Sorelle's work or not. There's content there, not bad content either, but so much filler. I think it'd be nice to see Sorelle shoot something other than herself.

Meme Only's picture

She looks like Carol from "where the wild things are"

16mm Camera's picture

That’s part of the fame though right. Hero shot yourself where you are the artist (photographer) and the model (hero) I like taking pictures of subjects, always have and always will. I think this very fact we are seeing now with the self obsession where vloggers and photographers turn the cameras on themselves vs their subject.

"As a photographer, we should" have better understanding of subject-verb agreement.