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How to Make Your Own V-Flats

One of the most popular pieces of gear most photographer assume a studio should have is a reflector of some sort, and a v-flat is greatly preferred. Some photographers who look for a DIY option but can't seem to find a source for the large foam boards usually give up and proceed without them. Here's another method you can use to create your own v-flats.

Building Your Own Photo Backdrop Wall

Seamless paper backdrops among other backdrops are great for photography backgrounds, but sometimes, you want a background with some real texture. While having several different walls painted different colors or having different textures sounds great, the space and size of a studio can put limits on what you can actually do.

Ten Essential Pieces of Gear for Landscape Photography

Regardless of what genre of photography someone is looking to get into, most new photographers have a similar question in mind: what are the essential pieces of gear do I need for photography? The answers vary depending on what you plan the genre of photography you plan to enter. If you are looking to venture into landscape photography, this might be the list for you.

Six Simple In-Camera Video Transitions

Unless you have mastered the art of shooting your entire video in one clip, your video project will be broken up into different scenes or cuts. Adding transitions between the different scenes can improve your overall project. Are you out of ideas for alternative ways to transitions your video from scene to scene?