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10 Ways To Give Your Apple Boxes Some Character

A great way to add variety to the poses during a session is to add a prop. Having an assortment of props can be very beneficial, and some good ones to have are apple boxes. They seem to be a very popular choice in portraits, especially more editorial-styled ones. These are a must-have for any photography studio, at least in my opinion.

While they come in different sizes, for the most part when searching online, you will find that most of them come in very similar colors from traditional retailers. You might be able to find some custom-made ones that come in different colors, however, if you order the standard ones, they are in their natural color. If you want to give it a hand and change up our apple boxes, make sure to check out this video coming from photographer Brandi Nicole. She shares ten different methods, a few experimental ones, to distress and add some character to her apple boxes. You can create so many more variations by applying these methods with different colors and stains on your own boxes. 

I have a few pairs of apple boxes that I need to take a paintbrush to now. In your opinion, which method yielded the best results for you? Have you painted or changed up your apple boxes before? Let us know in the comments below, or better yet share your results!

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Staff writer Alex Ventura is a professional photographer based out of the Houston area that specializes in automotive and glamour with the occasional adventures into other genres. He regularly covers automotive related events for Houston Streets & Spekture with some publications in the United States.

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Thank you Alex so much for sharing my video!!! I hope it can inspire more people to get creative with their boxes! :)

Happy too, thanks.