How to Nail the Composition for Different Aspect Ratios

When you are shooting, do you think about what aspect ratio you need your finished shots to be in? Where will the photos go? Will they need to fit multiple aspect ratios for social, web, and other places? Here's a way you can make sure your images are perfect for each final ratio you need. 

Depending on what you are shooting and your client's needs, you will need to think about the final ratio and crop you will deliver your images. If the images will be repurposed for multiple ratios, it can get a bit tricky to know if they will look good in each one. Especially in product and food photography, you need to make sure the images look great and are composed correctly. 

In this video coming to you from Joanie Simon with The Bite Shot, Simon shows how she uses Capture One and tethering to line up the shots to make sure they look great in each ratio they are needed in. Simon also shares the guide templates that are used to make sure they fit into the different ratios.

As shown at the end of the video, you can use this feature to also throw in designs and layout mock-ups for magazines or other types of work where text and graphics may be layout out to make sure your photo will fit properly. 

Do you use this feature already? Do you have any other tricks you use to make sure your shots are composed correctly?

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Lee Morris's picture

Great video but I am most impressed by the lighting on her and that beautiful shallow DOF background. Looks great.