Can AI Beat a Photographer in an Editing Challenge?

AI editing tools are one of the newest and most exciting features in post-processing. This fun video features a photographer challenging himself to a post-processing contest versus AI editing tools and retouchers from Fiverr.

Coming to you from Dan Watson, this great video features him in a post-processing contest against the AI editing tools in Luminar 4 and hired retouchers on Fiverr. Luminar 4 has some really neat AI features that range from applying global edits to more advanced things like one-touch sky replacement, and that can really open up some new creative avenues. I have been using Luminar 4 for about half a year now, and personally, I really enjoy what I can do with it. Of course, I do not think we should be handing our photos over to AI entirely; after all, photography is a creative endeavor, and turning over editing to our computers removes the entire point of it. What I do think, however, is that AI has potential in two areas. First, it can make our work more efficient by automating a range of tasks. Second, it can help us explore different creative ideas by quickly cycling through different looks. Check out the video above to see how Watson did! 

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Alex Yakimov's picture

Nice vid, thanks! I understand that perception is personal and I am definitely not an expert in artistic merit of postprocessed landscape, but they all look a bit cartoonish to me. AI and Nate versions are a bit less so. Would be nice to have access to a raw file for a full appreciation.
P.S. I have to skip a bit of that video as well for obvious reasons.

Robert Sakowski's picture

the images look like airbrush paintings on a oktoberfest-carousel... fake and way overdone

Deleted Account's picture

Here's the thing. The AI has their algorithm to determine what it 'believes' to be the best produced photo. But...if you gave that RAW file to any of the photographers here, you would end up with countless versions of what they thought the best produced photo should look like.

Can AI beat a photographer in an editing challenge? There's no winning or losing - just a 'personal' preference. Same as if an amateur edited the photo vs a professional. Perhaps one image may appear more appealing to the masses but over all there's no right or wrong way with personal editing.

Nada Ivanova's picture

exactly my point.its all matter of taste.where the AI will beat human , is AI will be train to produce effect that most people tend to like.its does not mean its better of worse , just most people will like it that way.

Scott Wardwell's picture

"The edit was little bit rushed."??? What do you expect for $10?

Alex Yakimov's picture

That is why it would be fantastic to have access to the Raw data...