Infinite Guide

Intelligent, Step-By-Step Retouching Education

System Requirements: 
Adobe Photoshop CC2022 or Later

Learn by doing and hone your retouching skills via accessible, hands-on instruction with Infinite Guide. Combining decades' worth of practical experience with advanced machine learning algorithms, this unique Photoshop plugin from Infinite Tools will help you grow as a creative regardless of your experience level.

  • Accessible, Hands-On Retouching Instruction
  • Detailed Tips and Videos Help You Through Every Stage
  • Autoselects The Proper Tool, Setting, or Layer
  • Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms Adjust Settings For You
  • Fully Customizable Workflow

Accessible, Hands-On Retouching Instruction:  Infinite Guide combines decades' worth of practical retouching experience with advanced machine learning algorithms to help you hone your skills and grow as a creative regardless of your experience level.

Learn By Doing: Infinite Guide lets you work on your own images as you familiarize yourself with the retouching process, with detailed tips and videos from professional retouchers to help you through every stage. 

Smart Tool Selection: The panel follows along as you progress, autoselecting the appropriate tool, setting, or layer for the job at hand, eliminating any guesswork or wasted time.

Concentrate on Perfecting Your Technique: Certain retouching methods can be complex and require specific settings, making mastering them feel like an overwhelming task. To combat this, Infinite Guide employs cutting-edge facial recognition algorithms to adjust the settings for you.

Customize Your Workflow: Every editing step can be enabled or disabled as needed and executed individually at any time with the click of a button, giving you complete control as you advance as a retoucher.


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