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Michael DeStefano
Boston, MA

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First Impressions of the Think Tank Photo Spectral 15 Camera Shoulder Bag

As a professional photographer, I’m obsessed with my bags. I am pretty satisfied with the stroller bags I am using, but when it came to the shoulder bags, something seemed to be missing. As someone who constantly travels to shoot, a good shoulder bag is an asset. So when Think Tank launched the new Spectral 15 bag, I decided to try it out. I’ve had the chance to carry it with me through my wedding shoots over the past month. This quick review takes a dig at the features and my first impressions.

Four Steps to Make a Film Reel That Isn't Boring

For filmmakers, our reels are often the first thing a prospective client sees from us, so why do we put so little of ourselves into the edit? Your reel should show the world who you are, just as much as it shows the world the kind of work you do.

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