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Angry '60 Minutes' Reporter Questions Modern Art

I stumbled across this video late last night and couldn't help but be intrigued by it. Andy Rooney, the famous "60 Minutes" commentator, goes on quite an impressive rant about modern art, raising a lot of questions about our place as creatives and the validity of what we do.

Teenagers Use Drone to Chase Down Boat Thieves

Score one for the good guys. When they realized their boat was being stolen, two Washington teenagers handled it in the coolest way possible: they called the cops, then they put their drone in the air and chased down the thieves, guiding police to their position and capturing video evidence in the process.

Learn How to Make Hair Color Stand Out in Photoshop

We spend so much time talking about how to retouch faces in portraits, but we rarely pay as much attention to the hair. However, hair can take up just as much (if not more) space in a portrait as the face, and it's what frames the features. Phlearn is here with a great tutorial on how to really make hair pop and take your images up a notch.

NASA Releases a Time-Lapse One Year and One Million Miles in the Making

NASA's aptly named EPIC (Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera) camera sits about one million miles from our planet, where it uses an array of sensors to monitor and provide observations of cloud heights, aerosols, vegetation growth, and the state of ozone in the atmosphere. It also provides some pretty neat images of Earth, which NASA has assembled into a year-long time-lapse.

Priolite Ultra Strobe Promises to Sync at Any Speed, Any Power Setting

This is one of the more interesting strobes we've come across. Priolite has begun a Kickstarter campaign for their MBX500HS Ultra, a battery-powered monolight that promises to be able to shoot at any shutter speed available to your camera and at any power setting.

Lions Eat Photographer's Camera in Kenyan National Park

Cats will be cats, whether they're your cuddle buddy at home or king of the jungle. And as such, they'll cause mischief and destroy things for their own entertainment. One photographer learned that the hard way when a pride of lions decided his camera equipment looked tasty.

Learn How to Add a Pattern to Clothing Using Photoshop

I sometimes wish I had a more interesting wardrobe. I rock the basic solid color t-shirt pretty well, but on days when I'm feeling more inspired, I desire something more intricate. Luckily, Phlearn is here to help with a great tutorial to exercise your Photoshop chops.

Researchers Create Cameras the Size of a Grain of Salt

Imagine cameras so small they could be injected into your body via a syringe: medical imaging becomes less invasive and more capable. A team of researchers has created a camera that can do just that.

Lensational Empowers Women Through Photography

Seeking to empower economically and socially marginalized women throughout the world, Lensational is a remarkable company that uses photography to enable women who might not otherwise have the opportunity to both express themselves and achieve financial independence.

Canon Extends Rebate Program on Lenses and Cameras

If you're in the market for some new Canon gear, now is a very good time to buy. Canon has extended their rebate on body and lens combinations until August 27. Check out our list of all eligible items!

Men Watch Themselves Get Photoshopped to the Same Standards As Women

"We're constantly looking at images that have been Photoshopped; we only notice it when it goes a step too far," note the Try Guys. There's an ongoing debate about society's conception of the female body and just how much post-processing is too much. To really explore the idea, though, the group held a shoot in which they recreated infamous Photoshop disasters to understand just how far these "ideals" are pushed.

Airbus Turns to Drones to Inspect Its Planes

Drones and airplanes generally don't mix, but if you're one of the airlines, you get a special pass. Airbus is replacing a time-consuming and difficult process with drones, and the results are quite neat.