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[BTSV] Behind The Scenes At The Winter X-Games
In this behind the scenes video from Vimeo (say that five times fast!), we get a look at the wide variety of gear that is used to capture the action at Winter X. From freelance photographers and videographers to full-scale production efforts, this video has a little bit of everything. See the video, which displays a staggering amount of gear, in the full post.

[Interview] Pulitzer Winner and Celebrity Photographer Brian Smith
Name a celebrity. Yep, go on. Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, Zooey Deschanel, Ben Stiller, Samuel L Jackson. How about an athlete? Serena Williams, Jeff Gordon, Shaquille O’Neal. Brian Smith has worked with them all. I recently sat down with Brian for an Fstoppers exclusive interview and he was glad to share his insight, techniques, and advice with us. Check out the full post for the entire text.

[Video] Photographer Vs. Security: The Ultimate Showdown
How would you react if security officers told you that you were breaking the law by photographing a building from public property? One British photographer was faced with just that question, and here is how he reacted. View the full post to see the video, which is funny, sad, eye-opening and jaw-dropping all at once.

[Op-Ed] The Cameras of Tomorrow: Apps For DSLRs
What if, much like the smartphones that we use on a daily basis, our cameras were equipped to support aftermarket applications which added functionality and never-before seen levels of customization? Check out the full post to read more and have your say.

[Video] The Fascinating End Of Kodachrome's 75 Year Legacy
When Dwayne's Photo, based in Parsons, Kansas, ceased processing Kodachrome film, it was the end of an era spanning 75 years. This ten minute mini-documentary by Xander Robin affords us a view into the history of Kodachrome, the process used to develop it, and insight from the employees of Dwayne's who worked with the film regularly. Check out the full post for the video.

[Video] Stunning Nikon D4 Release Video
Check out this beautifully shot video made by Corey Rich of Lake Tahoe, CA. The video shows off not only the incredible capabilities of the Nikon D4 (be sure to watch it in HD and full screen), but also offers inspiring footage of three athletes in action: Alex Honnold, a free-solo climber, Dane Jackson, kayaker, and Rebecca Rusch, an ultra-endurance athlete. The final product combines both time lapse footage and video footage, which according to Corey was recorded directly to CF, and all of the interview audio came directly off the camera. Now that I mention it, you might want to grab your headphones while you watch this video.