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PhotoShelter Releases The Photographer's Outlook On 2013

PhotoShelter released their results from a 2012 survey that was sent out to over 5,000 professional and aspiring photographers worldwide. The survey asked photographers about the various ways in which they were planning on marketing their photography business in 2013 and the results they were hoping to achieve from their efforts.

Pentax 35mm Camera Tattoo

While digging through hundreds of RSS feeds that jam pack my reader each week, I ran across an impressive camera tattoo on the arm of Lotte van den Acker of an Asahi Pentax 35mm SLR. Normally I would see a camera tattoo and think big whoop but this was one different and I thought it should be shared. I reached out to Lotte and asked a few questions about the camera tattoo and found out a little more about the meaning.

Mobile Photo Booth In A Volkswagen Bus

Her name is April.

She's a 1970 Volkswagen Bus converted into a mobile photo booth with The Photo Bus written on the door. John Deprisco, a wedding photographer based out of Kansas City, came up with an idea to put a photo booth on wheels and create The Photo Bus from his Volkswagen Bus.