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Why Is OnlyFans Banning Explicit Images?

This week, it’s been reported from several news outlets that OnlyFans, the popular premium subscription service known mostly for explicit content will be banning explicit content from October 1, 2021 forward. Why would they do this? What are they planning for the future? Could OnlyFans now become a better option for artists and photographers?

10 Must-Have Apps for Filmmakers

There is often talk about how great smartphone cameras are now — and I'm one of the people saying it — but with modern apps, they are so much more than their camera for photographers. Here are 10 apps that can improve and aid your videography.

Using a Pinhole Camera to Capture Rural Decay in the United States

One photographer, while on a road trip across part of the U.S, had the chance to try a pinhole camera currently in development. The results are beautiful, and if you enjoy film and large format photography, this is well worth your time.

A Great System for Better Posing and Directing Models

There's no doubt about it, even if you have the best camera and lens, the correct settings, a good location, and a great model, a poorly thought out pose can ruin the image. Here is a tip for ensuring you pose your subject in a way that has you taking great images.

3 Ways To Fix Mixed Lighting in Your Photos

If you're a wedding or event photographer, chances are, you've encountered mixed lighting situations. Though mixed lighting can be used creatively, there are times when it just isn't ideal. Today, I'll be walking through several examples of mixed lighting conditions with solutions on how you can work around it on location or fix it in post-production.

10 Top Tips for Black and White Photography

There’s so much more to black and white than the simple removal of color. We must understand both color and tone, plus their relationship with the world of monochrome. Here are 10 tips to help you become a better black and white photographer.

5 One-Light Portrait Photography Setups

A lot of the work by professional portrait photographers uses more complex two- or three-light setups. And such setups absolutely have their place and give a wide amount of technical and creative control, but you can also accomplish quite a bit with only a single light. This excellent video tutorial will show you five great one-light setups for portrait photography.

The Creekbed

This was a fun shoot, using natural light only, during the tail end of golden hour. Shot with my sony alpha 9 using my...
5 Photography Myths Beginners Should Ignore

When you are new to photography, it is not uncommon to be bombarded with a wide variety of (often conflicting) advice on what gear to buy, how to shoot, how to run a business, and more. Some of that advice is genuinely helpful, and some is incorrect or even downright harmful. This helpful video essay discusses five common photography myths heard by beginners and why you should not fall prey to them.

Critique the Community


Submit Your Best Photos Taken At Night

Photographs of the stars at night have been done to death. For this critique, we want to see all genres of photography taken at night.

This contest has ended.
Breaking the Myth of the Ideal Boudoir Client [NSFW]

A common misconception is that boudoir is for younger women. I have heard prospective clients think it is only for brides, for newlyweds, or for 20-somethings. A boudoir photographer in New Jersey is working to bring light to all the clients 50 and older who book sessions.

Behind-the-Scenes Look Into the Boudoir Community

Ever wonder what happens during a boudoir photography retreat that is aimed to educate those to be the best in the business? The top photographers are the best for the fact that they never stop developing themselves on their craft. Attending workshops, retreats, and conferences are part of how you started out so why stop now?

Playing with Shadows Using Natural Light in Boudoir Photography

Playing with shadows is not a new concept however in the boudoir community is has become a beautiful new trend. A recent group competition brought many boudoir photographers into the sight of this staff writer. One photographer in particular stopped the show with some moody light that won us over.

The Male Perspective for Boudoir Photography

Being a female boudoir photographer for many years, I may take some things for granted with my clients. There is not a shoot where a client doesn't ask me to assist in attaching a garter belt to her stockings. So, I am literally kneeing on the floor, with a woman's bum close to my face. We laugh the whole time, but in all seriousness, I sat back and wondered one day if I were a man, would this be any different?

Rare Imagery of Flipped Icebergs in Antarctica

While on an expedition in Antarctica, photographer Alex Cornell had the rare opportunity to photograph a recently flipped iceberg. Defining to the old adage "just the tip of the iceberg," it turns out the underside can be illuminated with unbelievable bright blues and striation that reveal visually stunning secrets of these sleeping giants. Witnessing a flip is uncommon, and moreover the surreal texture and colors distort the scale making it a truly incredible encounter.