10 Must-Have Apps for Filmmakers

There is often talk about how great smartphone cameras are now — and I'm one of the people saying it — but with modern apps, they are so much more than their camera for photographers. Here are 10 apps that can improve and aid your videography.

I have tried myriad phone apps over the years, but as time rolls on, I find I am keeping more and more of them. Not only are apps becoming more comprehensive with their utility, but their direct interaction with our cameras has improved tenfold too. This list has a lot of videography, filmmaking apps I haven't tried but that I will be soon, though it starts with something I have been using for the best part of a decade.

There was a time where one of the most important thing any creative could do in their daily life is to have a notepad and pen with them. Any inspiration that chooses to strike, any fleeting ideas or concepts, you can jot them down to review later. As soon as I downloaded Evernote and Google Docs, they replaced this physical notetaking for me, and I have never stopped using them. It doesn't matter how odd and irrelevant my idea might be, I quickly note it down in my app, and then in moments of quiet or where I need inspiration to strike, I browse through my various notes. I keep them broadly categorized (shoot ideas, article ideas, and so on) and I would go as far as to say these documents underpin how I work in every field I work in.

What apps can you not live without when it comes to photography or videography?

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