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The Platypod Handle: An Evolutionary Tool In Their Ecosystem

Most people don't understand what all the fuss is about when they see a Platypod for the first time. If I showed it to my mom, she'd probably feign excitement in the way only a mom can. If you've ever used a Platypod, though, you know how powerful such a little piece of aluminum can be. You can use them for anything from travel and landscape to toy and food photography as a way to show your audience a new perspective on the world. You can even use them to mount flashes in obscure spots for portrait photographers. Okay, I'm a Platypod evangelist, but their company truly has changed the way I photograph.

Why the New Platypod Is an eXtreme Improvement in Their Lineup

Ok — let’s start with a disclaimer: I’m a fan of Platypod (both the company itself and the products individually). The most compelling photographs show us the world in a way we’re not used to seeing, which is where the Platypod excels.

How to Trick the Eye While Also Fixing an Obliquely Taken Image

Some discoveries in life are intentional and some are just happy accidents that work out in ways we never anticipated. I rely on the Transform tool in Lightroom to correct lines and perspectives, but I learned that it can completely change the look of an image to add interest and trick the eye of the viewer.

Why the Platypod Is a Game-Changer for Landscape and Travel Photography

When I first saw the Platypod, I honestly thought it was a gimmick. Compared to the lightweight Gitzo travel tripod I’ve loved for years, the Platypod is really just a piece of aluminum with some holes in it. I scoffed at the concept of it for a long time since I had no idea how much it would improve my travel photography.