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Richard Johnson
Altamonte Springs, FL
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Every image tells a story, and every artist has one to tell. Equipped with a love for the arts and a passion for cinema, Rich Johnson's influences are clearly expressed in every click of the shutter. Taking the images from concept to completion with strong retouching skills. This allows Rich to ensure his clients expectations are not only met but exceeded.

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Awesome work man. Keep it up!

Wanthy D's picture

Sick work bro.

Richard Johnson's picture

Thank you!

Dan Ostergren's picture

Really amazing work. I love your cinematic lighting and compositions.

Richard Johnson's picture

Thanks man!

Adam Bender's picture

Badass port!

Richard Johnson's picture

Wow! Thank you for the compliment and follow! I look forward to checking out your work!

Sara Smoot's picture

I love your work!!

Richard Johnson's picture

Thank you so much Sara!