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Articles written by Stephen Atohi

Nikon Accepts Applications for $10,000 Storytellers Scholarship

It's no secret that college tuition is expensive. Nikon has an opportunity for eligible students to ease some of that financial burden. As part of its 100th-anniversary celebration, Nikon announced "The Nikon Storytellers Scholarship" earlier this year. On December 14, they began accepting applications from students in the U.S. and Canada. This is an amazing opportunity for qualified students to further their education, become the content creators of the future, and leave school with less debt in student loans.

Walking the Streets of Havana, Cuba With the 35mm Film Canon AE-1 Program

Back in April, I ventured on a trip to Havana, Cuba with the lofty goal of capturing the culture and people there within with my favorite little 35mm film camera. With the recent news that President Trump plans on buckling down on all travel and trade to Cuba, I'm all the more grateful than ever to have made the trip when I did. The Cuban experience is easily the most surreal of any international travel that I have ever experienced.

Professional NFL Photographer Captures Prime Time Game with iPhone 6s Plus

Recently our own Lee Morris shot a model photoshoot entirely with an iPhone 6s Plus, showing that with proper lighting technique, a good model, and proficient use of editing software, you can obtain professional looking results with even the most humble of cameras. Andrew Weber, a professional sports photographer, decided to take it one step further by capturing the unpredictable environment of a primetime NFL game with only his iPhone 6s Plus in hand. Weber was kind enough to answer some of our questions and provide a great sampling of his photos from the shoot.

Rapper T.I. Complains About Music Piracy and Then Proceeds to Blatantly Steal Photographer's Work

In the continuing saga of musicians complaining about others stealing their work or not getting paid enough for their work and then ripping off hard-working photographers, the rapper T.I. has joined the pack. T.I., most famous for hits "Rubberband Man" and "Whatever You Like" has stolen a Trinidadian photographer's work for use in an invitation to a party he's hosting. The photographer has called him out!

The Memorial Fund for My Friend and News Anchor Alison Parker Is Now Live

Yesterday morning, as I was getting ready to meet up with a future bride and groom about their upcoming wedding, my phone began to blow up with messages from friends. A friend of mine from highschool had been shot and killed while on air reporting for a local news station. I was fortunate to have known Alison Parker personally in high school through athletics. She was always a caring, fun, care free individual, and a loyal friend. Our thoughts and prayers, as a community, go out to the Parker family and the Ward family as they struggle through the chaos and lost feeling that is losing a dear friend.

Aaron Draper Takes Stunning Photos of Homeless

Photographer Aaron Draper is using his photography skills to bring awareness about homelessness by providing us gorgeous images of our human society's proverbial underbelly. By taking time to apply his artistic eye to the invisible, he's forcing the average person to stop and think about their respective roles in our world. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Check out this behind-the-scenes video and a few shots of Draper's fine work.