Photographer Captures People's Reactions When Told They Are Beautiful

What's your response when you're told that you're beautiful? Eighteen year-old photographer and student, Shea Glover, decided to "film what I thought was beautiful." Without intending to, she has conducted an amazing social experiment on the effect of simple positivity and a compliment. The reactions are perfect!

It all started when Shea Glover, a student from Chicago, started an independent project in which she would simply walk around her city and photograph things she found beautiful. She recently wrote on YouTube: "I want to clarify that my intentions were not to get a reaction out of people. I was simply filming beauty and this is the result." The product is a wonderful social experiment on the positivity of giving someone the simple compliment, "you are beautiful." Upon hearing the reason that their pictures were being taken, her subjects lit up. 

I conducted an independent project, which evidently turned into a social experiment regarding beauty.

With an outpouring of support for her project, I believe we can all agree that it did! Below are just a few snap shots of the reactions from the video. Check out the video above for a more complete and in-depth look at Shea Glover's social project.

[via boredpanda]

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Tam Nguyen's picture

I legit feel bad for that girl who threw a fit at 1:41 :(

Orion Hunter's picture

Uh, you do realize that the reaction was facetious? And even if one took the girl's reaction at face value, I fail to see how it could be characterized as a "fit".

Having stated that, it is a shame that some people are made so uncomfortable with praise that they have to veil the embarrassment behind mock hostility.

Michael J Buongiorne's picture

Being able to recognize that makes you a better photographer.

Geoff Miasnik's picture

More of this. Congratulations really well done.

John Sammonds's picture

What a fantastic idea I will take this on the streets in the summer and make a project of it brilliant

Chris Adval's picture

Great video. But let's not kid ourselves, if she was actually a he, there is zero chance this project ever happening unless you know the school district/management personally to vouch for you.

John Smalldridge's picture

A beautiful video showing how uplifting words can be to both the speaker and the spoken to.

John Skinner's picture

Moving piece.. I liked it a lot.

sumaira ameen's picture

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