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Michael Woloszynowicz
Toronto, ON, CA
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I'm a published, award-winning fashion, beauty and portrait photographer from Toronto. My passions are split equally between photography, retouching and teaching and I can't imagine having to choose only one. While my main focus is photographing people, I can't resist taking pictures of surrounding landscapes and architecture whenever I travel and enjoy experimenting with long exposure and panoramic techniques.

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Sir, do you have any article about color correction and color grading? Its gonna be great if you do. I love your colors.

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Dude, you're awesome! Much thanks to you for inspiration and for all of your tutorials and training.

Thanks a lot for the kind words Christian


I was about to post something along the lines of Tim's message until I saw his below :) So... x2!

Love your training videos/articles: infinitely helpful - thank you! I've just processed my very first image using D&B, FS, Color Grading, and Eyes, entirely based on your videos and I must say it feels like I am finally making a breakthrough with post processing (I've uploaded the image to my portfolio here)! I'm a total newb, with just a few months of Photoshopping, and your videos are by far most useful I've come across.

Thanks again, Michael!

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Hi Michael,

Just a quick thank you for all of the advice and mentoring that you have offered on the internet. I have watched most if not all of your youtube videos (love the direct and to the point style, no wasting time telling which button to press) and I have purchased your RDD Edu course. I am still working my way through the course and have really enjoyed it and continue to learn from it.

Now your recent article on the use of FS has me rethinking my current approach, which was heavily influenced by you of course :)

Tim, feel free to continue using the approach I show in the course but just go easy on the FS step. Even in the course I don't spend a ton of time on it so just fix some of the most glaring issues and then proceed with the rest of the retouch using the other techniques demonstrated. Thanks!

Mehdi Taj'gardoon's picture

you are the best retoucher ive ever known.

Thanks for the kind words Mehdi, cheers

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Great and talented photographer! Inspiring work!

Aurélien Terrade's picture

Hi Michael, thank's for your great advises. I've purchase your complete RGG Edu guide & it's very instructive & well done. Keep it on.

So glad you enjoyed the course! Thanks very much picking it up.

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So i just got your course as a present. I absolutely love it. You explain every step very well. I was wondering if you switched to the broncolor from your elinchrom's that you have listed in your gear list. You were right with capture one, I used to shot tethered with LR but have switched to capture one and haven't looked back

Great to hear Matthias! I actually still use the Elinchrom's. At some point I'll get the Para 88 from Broncolor but so far the Elinchrom's have served me well. Glad Capture One is working out for you as well. Cheers

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Love your work! Looking forward to getting some of your courses

Thanks for the kind words Branden, really appreciate it.

Hey Michael, Thank you for always sharing with experience and amazing skills. I have learned so much from you and have taken my retouching to a whole new level.
Your recent tutorial looks amazing, I was able to join few of your real-time when you were recording it.