Simple one light portrait and 20 minute retouch. Sometimes less really is more.

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Patrick Burger's picture

Seen it on FB already, this is phenomenal!

Michael Woloszynowicz's picture

Much appreciated Patrick, cheers

Patrick Burger's picture

The Skintone is simply mindblowing! And the expression on her Face is telling a thousand different Stories. I am stunned! Thanks for showing this to the World!

Phil V's picture

I love the painterly look, but this almost looks like it could be on an anti-domestic violence ad. I like the "pouty" look as much as the next guy, but I think this one's a little overboard.

Michael Woloszynowicz's picture

Maybe I was going for an anti-domestic violence ad look? I'll try to make more happy images next time.

Hugue-Robert Marsan's picture

Yes so simple! I love it!

Paul Ferradas's picture

I agree with the color of the skin tones, it lacks the magentas and goes more towards brown tones. Michael, how are you treating the reds or cyans? Can you show us how you achieved this skin tone? Here or in another tutorial? I'd love to see the skin tones from the before shot too!

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Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

Love your work Michael!

Cristian Martinez's picture

beautiful portrait

Michael Julius's picture

you got some awesome shots man!!

Tony Lillo's picture

Top My friend

Bill Larkin's picture

I wish I could rate this a 10... love it.

would also love to hear about the toning.

Vladimir Ambia's picture

Love it

David Jaan's picture

Such a perfect capture

Richard Spurdens's picture

The eyes stand out well here a soulful expression working well too.