Developing News – Fuji Confirms Their New X-T1 Camera

Developing News – Fuji Confirms Their New X-T1 Camera

Fuji’s latest camera in their popular X-Series line up, the X-T1, has been officially announced. Although I wrote a brief summary of the features and spec’s being passed around the rumor mill, the official announcement has just been made so we can now confirm details.

It’s impossible to ignore the stirring of interest in this camera, with some already calling it the camera the Df should have been. Personally, I’m going to reserve judgment until I get a chance to shoot with it ahead of the release next month.

This is what it looks like, including shots with the (sold separately) battery grip.





Click to read the official press announcement from Fuji

Key announcements from the press release:

  • The FUJIFILM X-T1 now gives professional and enthusiast photographers the award-winning imaging power of the X-Series in a water, dust and temperature resistant body that braves outdoor challenges like never before.
  • The optional vertical battery grip (VG-XT1) has the same hardy structure as the X-T1, so when added to the body, it is completely secured against the elements.
  • Tempered glass 1.04 million dot high-precision 3” tilting LCD monitor
  • World’s first compatibility with Ultra High Speed UHS-II SD memory cards


The X-T1 has four OLED EVF Display Modes:

  1. "FULL" mode takes full advantage of the high magnification ratio of the X-T1's viewfinder to give an unrivalled view of the scene
  2. "NORMAL" provides an optimum view, including shooting settings
  3. "DUAL" is specially designed for manual focusing with a clever split view. The regular view and manual focus area can be simultaneously checked (with Digital Split ImageTM or Focus Peak Highlight)*4
  4. “PORTRAIT” view in “NORMAL" and “FULL” modes automatically rotates the displayed information when the camera is held vertically


Fujifilm is launching three weather-resistant zoom lenses to complement the X-T1 camera in 2014, including the XF18-135mmF3.5-5.6 R OIS WR, XF16-55mmF2.8 R OIS WR and the XF50-140mmF2.8 R OIS WR.
You can check out the details and prices over at B&H where they have it listed in line with what the rumors suggested - body-only for $1299.00 and with the 18-55mm kit lens for $1699.00

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Spy Black's picture

Looks great. Should be fun with the 56mm.

Robert Herrera's picture

DF killa?

Jaron Schneider's picture

Df didn't need help getting killed.

Jacob delaRosa's picture

Kinda like spanking a 4 year old in KMart.

Lorenzo P's picture

lol haha good one!!

Black Light Shoots's picture

That one never survived.

Felipe_Paredes's picture

I agree that this is how the DF should at least look like, but unless you can mount an F lens on it, no is not a DF killer

Jon Sharman's picture

Just put my pre-order in, couldn't stop myself. Not been this thrilled about a new camera since... well, since my RZ67 Pro II last year, but still, I'm pretty excited.

Alex Corona's picture

That 56mm 1.2 looks sexy as hell.

Guest's picture

It's got great features, but the same sensor as the XE-1 (which is terrific but still not some raging speed-demon, low-light sensor found in the D4 / DF). Still, a nice incremental upgrade for some and a good starting point for others who don't want to wait a year or longer for the upgrade to the top-level X-Pro1.

Jon Sharman's picture

It's not the same sensor as the X-E1, it's the same sensor as the X-E2,

John H's picture

yep...I meant xe-2. I have the xe-1. still a good camera.

Eric Duminil's picture

D4/DF sensors might be better : I don't care much. I'm really happy with my X100s and often use ISO 6400 without any problem.

John H's picture

Same sensor as the XE-2, which is really good. The rest is more an incremental improvement to the XE-1 and XE-2 than a takeover of the X-Pro1 which will be updated in about a year.

Nikon's DF is a different camera altogether -- FF, D600 married to D4 sensor with some crippling of features and a weird layout that tries to do too much.

The Fuji is keeping in alignment with the product aesthetic they've been going with since the X-Pro1 and it's working for enthusiasts and some pros. This XT-1 features a few things that may or may not matter to someone already shooting with an XP1 or XE-1/2.

Timothy Jace's picture

I am just disappointed that there is no audio out.

Jon Sharman's picture

Fuji is far, far more focused on the photography side of things, as they should be.

Timothy Jace's picture

Yup. I know. Thanks for sharing.

Jon Sharman's picture

Yet you still complained about the audio out? Thanks for complaining.

Timothy Jace's picture

so that it may be heard. Don't thank me when they finally put it there. :)

Ett Venter's picture

I've been wanting to get rid of my second body (which is my old D7000) for something small like this. I almost, ALMOST bought an X-Pro 1 last year, but figured I'd hold out just a bit and see the "X-Pro 2". Well, whether or not this is supposed to be the successor to the X-Pro 2, I want it. This camera paired with that 56mm f/1.2? Golden portrait setup for when I don't want to lug around my tank of a D800 and 85 1.4G.

And, at this price? Geez. Sold.

Jon Sharman's picture

I've got EXACTLY the same Nikon setup as you, and the idea of shooting with an X-T1 and that 56mm makes me giddy with excitement. I love my D800 images, but goodness it's a beast. In my dream world I'll be shooting weddings with the Fuji at some point instead of the Nikon.

Ett Venter's picture

Yeah. I love the Nikon, but it's just so big. Every time I go out with my girlfriend or friends and want to take a camera, I'm CERTAINLY not taking the D800, and end up carrying a D7000 with Sigma's fat 50mm 1.4, but that's also a bulky camera in such a context. Something this small sounds amazing. WANT.

And dammit Fuji, why now. Why now? I was planning on selling limbs to buy the a B1.

fred lefeuvre's picture

Sexy ! ^^

Mansgame's picture

Definitely what the Df could have been.

Dishan Marikar's picture

As cool looking as it is, going by the layout I'd say it is an ergonomic nightmare. Still, I'd be keen to try one out.

Jon Sharman's picture

How the heck do you figure it'll be an ergonomic nightmare?

Dishan Marikar's picture

Given the smaller scale form factor, the abundance of multi-function dials and the square angle placement of controls, I would hazard a guess that they would not fall to hand quickly or comfortably. Canon and Nikon in comparison put a lot of thought into the positioning and motion of critical controls. But that's just my opinion of course ;)

Jon Sharman's picture

Well, most of the buttons on the back are pretty similar to how Nikons are setup. There are the same number of dials on the top as there were on most 35mm film cameras for years, so I think they've probably put some thought into it. I can understand you thinking it may not be completely intuitive, don't really understand you calling it an "ergonomic nightmare" though.

Dishan Marikar's picture

"Given the smaller scale form factor" is the key to my views - unless you have dainty fingers and hands, I'd reckon that it would prove difficult to intuitively alter settings on the fly. All well and good going for the retro appearance and feel, but the progression made in the design world over the last couple of decades in terms of ergonomics hasn't been utilised IMO

Jon Sharman's picture

Intuition and having fingers that are "dainty" enough to change the dials are two very different things though.

Dishan Marikar's picture

I wouldn't say they are mutually exclusive. If one had large/fat fingers it would still be a struggle no matter how intuitive they may or may not be. At the end of the day, this is all speculative since I haven't had the chance to touch one. But I have used fully manual 35mm film cameras that were larger and cannot imagine how compacting all of that into a smaller form factor would make things easier.

Panchoskywalker's picture

It does look nice, at least.

Henry Wu's picture

This camera body looks absolutely amazing. I love the battery grip accessory. I hate how I only had the X-E2 for a month. Must... resist...

clair estelle's picture

looks like a great camera for photographers of all kinds!

Kurt Langer's picture

Now thats more looking like my old FM's

Guest's picture

Definitely NOT double exposure examples. 100% PS

Gus Samarco's picture

I can see Lee Morris upset for shaving that mustache now. I wonder how he's going to review this piece of beauty.