Hands On With a Micro Four Thirds Masterpiece, the OM-1 Mark II

There has been constant talk about the new OM System OM-1 Mark II in Micro Four Thirds Facebook groups since it was first announced. So, is this new flagship camera worth the upgrade?

There's one easy way to find out: watch this comprehensive in-depth review about the OM-1 Mark II brought to you by Thomas Eisl.

A professional photographer from Vienna, Eisl is a familiar face to many Olympus / OM System photographers. Eisl is well-known for his easy-to-understand videos about photography and the OM System. Eisl has a gift for explaining tricky concepts in simple terms, and this new video is no exception.

At almost an hour long, this is a comprehensive look at the new camera, with interesting comparisons to its predecessor, the OM-1. Eisl covers topics including the development and design of this line of cameras, the sensor, and the computational features of the new body. One area that Eisl singles out for praise is the groundbreaking autofocus.

What I love most about this video is when Eisl uses it in real-life scenarios. First up, he does a test shoot to show how good the face and eye detection is with a model in the studio. Later on, he visits a racetrack where he photographs harness racing with the OM-1, achieving an impressive 100% hit rate.

This is a fantastic overview of what to expect from this new flagship camera - the first top-of-the-range body to bear the OM System mark.

Matt Murray is a travel and portrait photographer from Brisbane, Australia.

Matt loves shooting with compact cameras: both film and digital. His YouTube features reviews of film cameras, film stocks, and travel photography with the Ricoh GR III, Fujifilm X100V, and Olympus OM-1.

See more of Matt's photography and writing on his Substack.

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Great camera👍 but mainly becauce the original by Olympus was great...

Great to see improvements but 90% could be done by firmware that Price € 2400 is a bit too high for that...

Same for the 150-600 great lens (great In more than one perspective 😉) mainly because the Sigma is a great lens...

Yes Sync IS was installed but €1200 plus (almost double the price of the Sigma )

Is a JIP off❗️

Till now JIP mainly harvested Olympus technology and brought no real new Tech nor innovations...

In contrast to panasonic who brought it both in MFT...

G9ii and Leica 9mm 1.7 and truly improving exisitng lenses leica 12-35 35-100 and 100-400mm ( JIP just rebatched the 9-18 and ask for €700 for exactly the same old lens another JIP OFF imo)

....And in FF

S5ii S5iix 100mm 2.8 the smallest Macro Lens and the 28-200 not fast but the smallest travel zoom excellently fitting in with the primes and the 20-60 in almost the same size

Just hope for the Olympus fans and MFT at large that OM system be will as innovating and just like Panasonic bringing new gear...

Or better said to be as innovativing as good old Olympus was...

For the sake of muscle memory I will update within the Lumix system ( very smart for the.same muscle memory that S5 and G9ii are identical)

But I love my Olympus 60mm 2.8 and yhe 40-150 2.8 I bought as recently as last christmas...

So if Olympus brings out some cool lenses i will certainly be Tempted...

Though JIP did not realiy do much to give me convidence I will end with

GOOD LUCK OM system Hope you do great 👍

And OM owners have good light and good fun 🌞📷

Great to hear your thoughts Peter! I bought the OM-1 last year so I hope OM Systems continues to bring out new and innovative products. The OM-1 Mark 2 looks incredible but I can't justify the upgrade at the moment. I'm still yet to master my OM-1!