A Look at the New Canon RF 135mm f/1.8 L IS USM Lens

Recently, Canon announced the EOS R6 Mark II mirrorless camera, and alongside it came the RF 135mm f/1.8 L IS USM lens, the update to one of the company's most popular lenses, the EF 135mm f/2L. As such, expectations are high for the new version. This great review takes a look at the new lens and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in usage. 

Coming to you from Park Cameras, this excellent video takes a look at the new Canon RF 135mm f/1.8 L IS USM lens. 135mm lenses have long been a popular alternative to 85mm options for portraiture work, as their longer focal length offers a bit more telephoto compression and tends to be more flattering on facial geometry. I was a huge fan of the EF 135mm f/2L, as it was probably the biggest hidden gem in the company's large lens library and a significant value. The company seems to have kept a lot of the magic in the new version, which offers particularly impressive bokeh, contrast, and color rendition. Altogether, it looks like an impressive and likely popular lens. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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How come the whole package is not much bigger than my old 6D? I thought the whole point of mirrorless is to go more compact and lighter...

Common misconception. By taking the mirror out and moving the sensor closer that does take weight and size out of the camera, however, they didn't just make a mirrorless 6D.

They added image stabilization and have reduced edge blur on most lenses significantly. They're also able to make a normal zoom lens at f2 which was practically impossible before this generation. 100-400 lenses have become 100-500 lenses and still weigh less etc.

The point was never to make a smaller lighter camera it was to make a better camera and considering I own both a 6D2 and an R5 I can say without hesitation it is decidedly better.