Should You Upgrade to the Canon R6 Mark II?

With the January sales looming and every company likely offering discounts on new and existing cameras and kit, is it worth considering a new camera body? Is it worth upgrading from your existing equipment to a newer model or even switching from DSLR to mirrorless?

In this video, Katelyn James looks at the specifications of the Canon R6 Mark II versus her current camera, the Canon EOS R6. She discusses whether this is a worthy upgrade for her portrait and wedding photography business.  

Katelyn looks at the physical differences between the two and goes on to discuss the price difference as well as mentioning the changes to the new autofocus system and the removal of the file size time recording for videographers.

If you're thinking of switching from the R6 to the newer model, this is worth a watch, as it will put into perspective what the upgrade will give you in terms of improvements. I personally own a Canon EOS R6 and don't think I'll be upgrading at this point. I'd even recommend leaving it around a year or so after launch to allow for any bugs to be worked out of the system and adequate time for the first few versions of firmware upgrades to be put in place. 

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Peter Morgan is a professional photographer, drone pilot, writer and tech enthusiast. He has worked in the tech sector since the age of 16 and has over 30 years experience of working with technology. He also runs his own photographic company and shoots weddings, headshots and commercial projects.

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