Beautiful New Photo of Jupiter Looks Like a Painting

Beautiful New Photo of Jupiter Looks Like a Painting

Space is endlessly cool. As our ability to send more and more advanced cameras deeper into space continues to evolve, the images we receive in return are becoming more stunning by the day. Such is the case with this image from the Juno mission.

The Juno mission seeks to better understand the formation of our solar system by observing and measuring properties of Jupiter's atmosphere, its magnetic and gravitational fields (revealing its underlying structure), and its auroras. The hope is that by better understanding the processes behind Jupiter's evolution, we can gain deeper insight into the early stages of our solar system's formation. This image, captured by the JunoCam on February 2nd, shows storms on the planet from an altitude of 9,000 miles.

Scientist Roman Tkachenko worked to enhance the color in the image to bring out the detail. The result is gorgeous, reminiscent of swirls of paint. If you're interested in trying your hand at processing images from the mission, you can download them to your heart's content, then reupload them to the NASA gallery here. Juno will continue orbiting Jupiter until February 2018. 

Image by NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Roman Tkachenko, used under public domain

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I would love to see the various planets (especially Saturn and Jupiter) and nebulae if they weren't so darn far away! Of course as you got closer and you start to freeze to death or burn up, they might loose some appeal. :-)

It looks like a painting cause it is a are awakening to this fraud about space you been portraying to be facts all these years ...With fake moon landings to challeger explosions to nasa coming out and stating that nothing can leave lower orbit ...Why do you continue to peddle this garbage...

I keep telling people the same thing... space is just a bunch of fake news.

Oh come on, space aint so bad! Like, what did space ever do to you? I mean, when the zombie apocalypse hits we will need to get to Mars somehow. We should be friends with space.


Tell us space-sceptics how the GPS in your phone, car, camera etc actually manages to work? You can't - because you are in denial & seemingly incapable of even the most basic understanding of the natural world. Even the ancient Greeks understood the Earth to be a sphere. How the mighty have fallen. Your determination to spread your own 'fake news' about science & the scientific method is a perfect example of why- sadly- the U.S. is a dying empire.

Am I missing something? What's with the " 'fake' " news comments? Alex simply posted a benign article on the beauty of Jupiter in photos.

Controversy seems to follow me wherever I go, Pete.

That's not a bad thing. It happens to me too. It just means your doing and saying something of interest. Better than just being part of the landscape.

Nothing wrong with Alex's article. The images are incredible! It's the moronic 'space is fake' & NASA lies rubbish comments been posted by goblin-brained twats that I commented on.

Fsroppers, how are supposed to take your site seriously when you allow disgusting tolls like mr Brody to smear their shit all over the fucking page. Fuck you peter

Whenever you stumble across space pics like this. Post them, tag me, send me a letter. These are an awesome glimpse into the future of photography, Alex.