Sharp-Eyed Camera Operator Saves the Day When Soccer Coach Loses Wedding Ring on the Pitch

Sharp-Eyed Camera Operator Saves the Day When Soccer Coach Loses Wedding Ring on the Pitch

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp experienced a mix of emotions following his team's significant victory in the English Premier League. His elation quickly turned to concern when he realized he had misplaced his wedding ring during the post-match festivities on Monday, buried somewhere in the grass of the massive pitch. 

The ring was eventually spotted by a vigilant TV camera operator on Anfield's pitch. Klopp, visibly relieved, acknowledged the find by affectionately kissing the ring in full view of the cameras.

“I was tremendously shocked,” Klopp remarked, relieved to have the ring back.

This episode unfolded just after Liverpool's impressive 4-2 victory over Newcastle, a win that propelled Klopp's side to a three-point lead in the league standings.

The incident began as Klopp was expressing his gratitude to the players and approaching the fans to applaud their support. It was then that he noticed his wedding ring was missing. Klopp frantically searched the grass around him and even enlisted the help of others, as seen in the videos below.

The location of the ring was eventually pointed out to Klopp by a camera person working with the British broadcaster Sky Sports.

Klopp expressed his relief, recalling a previous incident when he lost the ring: “I lost it once in my life. I needed a professional diver because it was in the sea. From time to time when I lose one or two kilos, it’s not the right fit anymore.”

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