This Skoda Car Campaign Was Shot Using Tiny Toy Cars

The latest Skoda advert features their newest car models, pictured in dramatic scenes. What you may not know, though, is that the images you see here are all in fact toy cars photographed in custom-made sets.

Hungarian photographer Benedek Lampert is the creative behind the lens on the photo series. After being approached by Skoda Hungary, the company proposed they together use 1:43-scale models of the new cars.

Speaking to PetaPixel, 24-year-old Lampert said, “It sounded interesting, so I accepted.” With a portfolio of realistic small-scale photos featuring LEGO figurines in dioramas, it was unsurprising the company was interested in working with Lampert on this project.

By his own admission, the photographer commits whatever time is needed to recreate lifelike scenes with the toy models. Adding scenery such as mud and trees to the scene, he estimates it took between 7 and 12 hours to construct each set. One of the more problematic sets, however, took an entire 10 days to build, photograph, and complete in post-production.

Check out the video for some further insight into how Lampert composed some of the shots from the campaign.

All images used with permission of Benedek Lampert. You can see more of his work at his 500px.

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Very nicely done! Great photos too, thanks for the article and video.

Read about this somewhere else this week, comments were slating it, car manufacturer being cheap, not hiring a pro to do a pro job with real cars, etc, etc.
Totally missed the point. I think it's great.

Very impressive!

That's totally nuts, a crazy amount of work. But impressive results, wow.

His near obsessive attention to detail, and you can see how it paid off. I'm still a little unclear how he got the headlights on in the last image.

You can see they're models, they do look slightly odd, but I wonder if you'd notice without being told.

Great idea and result.
Done with "just" Tiny little toy....and a phone? (and a bit of PS)

Amazing work! Thanks a lot for sharing!

The motion blur is genius !