A Unique First Person Video of Street Photographer Creating Images

Street photography has been a pillar of the medium for a century, but this is a new way of looking at it.

Liam, photographer at 7th Era based out of Melbourne, Australia, specializes in street style photography utilizing in vogue presets that has found him a fast growing audience.


While I enjoy street photography, what makes this video so interesting — and oddly mesmerizing — is the first person perspective, allowing you insight in to how the photographer is composing scenes, spotting potential shots, and capturing elements. Helpfully, each "keeper" is displayed on-screen as he snaps the frame, giving you a better sense of what he saw.

For anyone looking to get in to street photography or even a cursory interest in it, this is a great way to spend thirty minutes of your time, and as I say, strangely relaxing and soporific. The video is capture on the DJI Osmo Action 

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Logan Newberg's picture

His colors are very tiring.

Robert Buckingham's picture

In what way? Please expand

Logan Newberg's picture

The orange and cyan are very overdone in every photo. Street photography is supposed to be realistic and when he messes with the hues as much as he does the photo in my eyes becomes less true.

Robert Buckingham's picture

OK, thanks

Robert Buckingham's picture


not too unique. Though they are friends collaborate

Ronaldo Joe's picture

Liam was the first one to put out a video like this about a month or so ago and a few days later Mike posted a video of his own

Robert Buckingham's picture

Oh yes Liam???! :)